What's the Best Way to Get a Job Overseas

By qropsgroup, 12 November, 2013

Whether you are looking for the adventure that comes with living abroad or having trouble landing a job in your town and need to expand your search - working in a foreign country is a possibility. While it is often difficult enough finding work where you currently reside, getting hired abroad has its own sets of challenges. Though it requires a few extra steps, living and working overseas is a worthwhile and fulfilling experience.

Learn the language and do your homework.

            Not always a necessity, but being fluent in a second language is always a marketable skill that can set you apart from the competition. While it is true that the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself by surrounding yourself with native speakers, you should go into any country you want to live and work in knowing enough of the language to adequately hold a conversation.

Learn all there is to know about the area and its culture. Even if they speak the same language, you will always find cultural differences you will need to adapt to. Also look into their employment laws, application processes, and living expenses - every country will be different and you should know what to expect. Doing your homework will really ease the transition and show your potential employer you are a serious candidate.

It is also important to know which jobs are in demand in specific countries. You don’t want to move 3000 mile away, only to realize that the job you are looking for isn’t there. But don’t let that discourage you - just look elsewhere or be open to working outside your field. Your ideal job may not be in your desired locale, just be flexible and open to ideas you hadn’t previously considered.

Start with an internship or working holiday visa.

            Studying or interning in another country is a great strategy to land a job - it shows potential employers that you have the experience of adapting to a new culture and you have a strong desire to learn. It also helps you discern if living abroad is right for you before diving into a long term commitment. Another way to test the waters is to go into a working holiday visa program. This allows you to visit a country for a specific amount of time, usually a year or less, while you also work there. No matter which route you take, just being there enables you to make connections, increase your network, and develop a better understanding of the local culture.

Look into placement agencies and international job listings.

            There are plenty of online sources to assist you in your job search. Just as you would search online for work your area, you can do an online search by specific location and keywords to find the job you are looking for overseas. Or you can seek the help of a reputable placement agency to find a job that matches your skills - just remember that most legitimate agencies charge employers, not job seekers. Either route allows you to put your resume and/or CV out there and get a feel for what types of jobs are available.

            In your job search, it is important to remember to be flexible and persistent. By committing to learn the language and local customs you demonstrate to potential employers your willingness to adapt and determination to be successful. Overseas employers want to know that you are ready for the transition and you will be there for the long haul, just as you need to know if working abroad is right for you.

Advantages of moving overseas

 You have several different options if you reside outside the UK or plan to live outside of the UK.  Transferring your pension into a QROPS, short for Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes- and access several great benefits.  There are now over 3,000 QROPS available and several pension structures that you can choose from and companies like QROPS Group will help you sort through the different structures. Finding the right overseas job can be a great way to move closer to retirement and have fun along the way.


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