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10 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Overseas Family and Friends

By Overseas Packers & Shippers
30 December, 2013

If you have a loved ones overseas it can be difficult to come up with gift ideas that are easy to post. These great gift ideas will get you started.

Web Cam

A web cam is a great gift for those living away from family or friends. They are light weight (good for affordable postage) and help you keep in touch!

Gift Basket

There are a number of online stores that offer pre-made gift basket delivery to locations throughout the world:

USB Full of Music

If your overseas friend or family member loves music you can send them a USB full of music. You can also add photographs and videos that either remind them of home or show them some of your adventures in the country you have moved to. Add a short video christmas message from you to make it even more personal.

Accessories for the Climate

You can send some great, lightweight accessories overseas to match the season and climate. This is a particularly good idea for family or friends who have recently moved overseas. If they are in a cold climate you could knit them a scarf or beanie, or for a warm climate near the beach you could send some new swimmers, sunhat or snorkel gear.

Gift Voucher to Their Favourite Store

Gift vouchers make a great overseas gift because they can easily be slipped inside a card or sent via email. If your loved one has a favourite store that has a branch in their country they will be thrilled to receive a gift card that gives them a license to spend!

Small Photo Album or Scrapbook

This is a great gift for someone if they are homesick. Fill up a small photo album or scrapbook with photographs and some drawings or messages from loved ones back home.


Like gift baskets, there are a range of online stores that allow people to send flowers overseas. Here are a few stores for you to browse:

Lightweight Fun Jewellery

If you don’t want to spend money on insurance for sending expensive jewellery overseas you could choose cheaper options. Cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean tacky–many boutique stores sell cute and unique pieces of jewellery with personality. There are some great examples on Chicwish.

Home Sick Package

If your loved one is homesick the best gift to get them is something that connects them with their home. You could put together a package that has some of their favourite items from home, such as accessories from their favourite store or their favourite candy.

It can be frustrating to find a thoughtful gift that can be posted easily and affordably to a loved one overseas. We hope these ideas have helped you think of the perfect gift and that you have a very merry Christmas!



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A good gift company for christmas hampers (I have used them for my Australian clients for the past two years) are www.thehamperemporium.com.au

They key to them was the free delivery which in Australia can really mount up (especially to Perth)

Justin Grossbard, 3 years ago.


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