How to Reach International Customers and Expand Your Business Across the Globe

By Jessica Socheski, 24 March, 2014

Today, reaching people on an international level is easier than ever before. No matter your business, you can expand and reach people all over the world. Language barriers and culture differences can be intimidating at times, but overcoming them can be easier than you think. Not to mention the high returns it will bring for your business.

Use these tips to expand your customer base internationally and take your brand to the next level.

Identify your market

Don’t attach mass marketing, trying to reach anyone and everyone in any country just so you can call yourself an international business. Instead, use the same practices you would when you were first starting out. Know your target audience. Find out what kinds of people in a specific country would like your products and be likely to purchase them.

This is important to consider when choosing which country to expand to. Your business might be really popular in Japan, but will spark little interest in Germany. Learn about the country before you invest any more time or funds marketing their. This step will save you time, money and help avoid a possible international failure.

Understand the culture

This is probably the most important step when branching out to a new country. Knowing the culture, society and common practices of the place you are reaching out to is extremely important. You need this information not only to realize the best strategy for marketing to your target audience, but also so that you can be certain not to offend anyone or break any unfamiliar taboos or actual business rules that the country may have.

Adapt your website and other online platforms

If you are going to branch out to other countries, especially those that speak a different native language, you will need to adapt your online presence to accommodate. Now is the time to hire that translator and create the second language version of your website. Go through each of your business’s online profiles to add second language inserts, correct any language to accommodate for the other countries cultural needs and appeal to them more personally. Most people would prefer to work with an international business that is open to any country, not trying to force their country’s habits all over the world.

Optimize your search engine results

Just as you had to reevaluate your marketing and advertising campaigns to adjust to cross-cultural differences, you will have to do the same when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Understand keywords and tags that will lead international customers to your business. Again, look you clues in their culture to find out what they are interested in, and then pride it through your business.

With these ideas, you can embark on an international campaign to spread your business to new places. You may need to use a site like to get the initial funds you need to hire marketing experts and perhaps a translator. But the eventual payoff will hopefully provide success and fantastic future profits.