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Ready to Head Back Home?: How You Can Afford It

By Jessica Socheski, 24 June, 2014

You have been living your dream of traveling the world and getting all the experiences you have every hoped for. However, everyone gets homesick eventually and you will need to plan a trip back home to see your friends and family. Because you have probably been working with a limited budget in order to afford your travels, finding extra money to pay for a trip home may seem impossible.

There are a number of things that you can do to not only save money, but make a trip home to see your family and friends possible. If you are homesick and ready for a change of scenery, here are some ideas to help you afford your trip back home during your time abroad.

Plan your trip wisely

When it comes to travel, timing is everything. Plane tickets and hotels are more expensive when they know that a lot of people are going to be traveling. That is why December is the most expensive month to travel. If you can help it, try to plan your trip for an “off season”, depending on where you are traveling too. Flights and hotels are usually less expensive during the week, particularly Tuesday and Wednesday, so avoid weekend and holiday travel times if you can help it.

Consider financing

Because you may not have necessarily planned for travel home in your expenses, the cost can seem overwhelming and impossible to afford. However, everyone needs some time at home to see family and friends, so you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed when planning a relaxing trip home. Consider financing a portion, or your entire trip back home. Look for a site like TitleMax.com that will get you cash that you can easily pay back with your normal expenses.

Cut back on some expenses

Many people who are traveling frequently or living abroad have already adopted a minimalist lifestyle. You may not own many possessions, but everyone can cut back a little here and there. Think about the things that you own and consider some things that might be worth parting with. This is the perfect time to rid your life of the clutter and mess that is crowding you and adopt a freeing minimalist approach. Go through things like clothes, old movies and CDs that you don’t use anymore, and furniture that has seen better days. You will be surprised what people will want to buy, even if you think that it is worthless.

Cash in your credit card rewards points

If you have not already signed up for a rewards credit card program, now would be a perfect time to do it. Many people are racking up the points and swiping their way to free trips across the globe. You can use your credit card for every purchase you make and pay it off with your cash at the end of every cycle. This way, you can earn more points that you can use for your travels back home. Look for credit cards that have signing bonuses so you can have your points instantly.


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