The Nine Best Restaurants in Dubai for Expats to Check Out

By Jessica Socheski, 26 August, 2014

Located in the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai has become a destination hotspot. Dubai annually hosts nearly 15 million tourists and has been nicknamed the “shopping capital of the Middle East,” making it a cosmopolitan oasis. Dubai is a city of unparalleled beauty with beautiful architecture and breathtaking sights, not to mention known for its exotic cuisine.

When visiting, be sure to check out these nine amazing Dubai restaurants:

1. Pierchic

This restaurant is located on the water off of a bedecked pier jutting out over the Arabian Gulf. Extremely intimate and romantic, this restaurant provides exquisite views over award-winning European cuisine. Pierchic is known for their seafood, and has recognized as one of the best seafood restaurants in the Middle East.   

2. Margaux

Margaux provides diners with a French experience like no other, as the restaurant overlooks the Dubai Fountain, one of Dubai’s most treasured architecture structures. Both the cuisine and decor reflect the typical sights and tastes of the Parisian life in order to provide diners with an authentic French meal.

3. Eauzone

This restaurant caters to both the casual and fine diner, as this Asian restaurant has a relaxed daytime atmosphere while being a refined evening experience. The restaurant sits around the pool, giving guests the impression that they are floating over the water.

4. Majlis Al Bahar

Located along the Burj Al Arab’s private island beach, this restaurant is void of decor as the tables sit right along the sand. The restaurant is known for its abundance of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes that reflect the location and mood of the restaurant.

5. Al Hadheerah

If looking for traditional Arabian cuisine, Al Hadheerah is the perfect restaurant. It is the signature restaurant of the Bab Al Shams Resort, and is hidden among the sand dunes making it feel like an isolated oasis. Guests dine as actors and belly dancers perform around them.

6. Hukama

Hukama is a celebration of Chinese cuisine and is one of the signature restaurants of The Address Downtown Dubai. Diners can sip tea-based cocktails while they enjoy contemporary Chinese food, and can choose whether they want to sit at the bar, inside the intimate restaurant, or out on the terrace where the views of Burj Khalifa are present.

7. Verre

Verre is one of Gordon Ramsay’s, the British chef known for his amazing dishes, incredible culinary talent, and meticulous attention to detail, restaurants. Many of Dubai’s high society residents can be found at Verre, as the sophisticated Mediterranean gastronomic food and vast wine selection contrasts with the simple interior in order to create an understated yet alluring elegance.

8. Al Mahara

While Al Mahara is not underwater, the restaurant was created to give diners the feelings that they are eating in an aquarium. To continue with the underwater ambiance, guests enter the restaurant through a ‘submarine’ and dine over tables that are lit by a blue glow emanating from the aquaria where real fish reside. The food, not surprisingly, is seafood, and is some of the best Dubai has to offer.

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