Why You Should Know Your Credit Score Before You Travel

By Jessica Socheski, 13 October, 2014

Everyone who has traveled before knows that travel takes a lot of planning. To avoid any issues and travel as comfortable and inexpensively as possible, a lot of planning and preparation is required. In addition to the required planning that the normal trip demands, many people today are also putting in extra effort to save money when they travel. Tools like travel rewards credit cards, airline loyalty programs and coupon websites have made traveling much less expensive for many people, but using tools like these add to the amount of planning and preparation required.

These tools are really great for saving money, but how does it all affect your credit score? Does traveling actually negatively affect your credit score? These are important questions for any traveler to answer before they book their next trip or sign up for another travel deal. These are tips that every traveler should know before they plan any new travel. It will help you protect your credit and still travel as inexpensively and comfortably as possible. Anyone can easily use a site like CreditSesame.com to get a free credit score and monitor their credit no matter where they go. Here are a few reasons why you should know your credit score before you travel.

To protect your identity while you’re traveling

Travelers always need to take extra precautions to protect their identities. Identity thieves watch for people who are making big purchases on things like traveling and will try to get into your information as soon as you step out of your door. Knowing your credit score can help you better monitor suspicious activity and take action if anything drastically changes your credit score. Use a credit score monitoring site to know your credit score and check regularly for any changes.

To make better financial decisions

Many people book big travel expenses on their travel rewards credit cards or other lines of credit because they think they will easily be able to pay it off over time and will earn a lot of rewards in the process. Though the part about earning a lot of rewards might be true, using this method without a way to pay it all of right away at the end of the month can create an extreme amount of debt that will negatively affect their credit score. All travelers should know their credit score before they plan a trip, so they can know whether or not they can actually afford that trip without creating debt for themselves.

To know how to appropriately use travel rewards credit cards

For many people, responsibly using credit cards can be a struggle. It is difficult for many people to understand how to get the best rewards with their credit cards, and even more so, how to practice financial responsibility when using a credit card. People who do not know their credit scores will often overspend on credit cards while traveling without thinking about the consequences that spending will have on their credit. Knowing your credit score before you begin traveling and making travel plans will help you spend only within your budget and make better decisions in order to protect your credit. This will help you avoid temptation when spending on travel in order to protect your credit score and will help you avoid financial stress when you return from your travels.

To know when to avoid another travel deal

Most people are bombarded with travel deals and rewards offers every day. These offers can be very difficult to resist at times, because they can help you save money and they are crafted to work within your financial standing. However, if you accept every credit card offer that comes your way, you will end up harming your credit score. Knowing your credit score will help you know whether or not you can accept a new offer and help you manage the offers that you do accept to earn the most rewards and money back for your travel purchases.

To avoid creating debt

This is the most important reason for anyone to know their credit score, whether they are traveling or not. Everyone should have their credit score so they know how to manage their money in order to avoid debt and create a better financial future for themselves.


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