Seven Best Destinations in the Middle East

By TinaHamilton, 02 June, 2014

With summer on its way in, it’s time to start putting pennies in the vacation jar and planning your summer getaway. Instead of the usual vacation spot, check out these top seven Middle East destinations for an unforgettable trip:


1. Dubai

A cosmopolitan oasis, Dubai offers visitors an innovative cityscape that towers over the Arabian Desert. However much time a visitor is spending in Dubai, they must make sure they take in all of Dubai’s breathtaking sights. A city of unparalleled beauty, Dubai is home to the world’s largest dancing fountain, tallest building (Burj Khalifa), largest artificial islands (Palm Islands), and the largest natural flower garden, the Miracle Garden. Enjoy a dune buggy ride in the desert, check out the local open-air markets, or watch a camel race at the Camel Rack Track.


2. Cairo

An ancient city in Egypt that has transformed itself into a modern metropolitan city, Cairo is one of the biggest cities in the Middle East. A bustling city, the City of the Thousand Minarets is full of Egyptian history and culture. However, with the current political unrest in Egypt, be sure to take safety precautions before traveling and monitor your government’s travel alerts.


3. Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv in Israel is a modern metropolis that has a youthful edge to it. Clubs, bars, a thriving arts community, and music scene complete this magnetic city. Tel Aviv’s architecture has granted the city the moniker “The White City.” Visit the pavilions of Haaretz Museum, historic Independence Hall Museum, Carmel Market, Old Jaffa’s boardwalk, and cultural exhibitions.


4. Sharm El Sheikh

Located in beautiful Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh is a hotspot for divers and eco-tourists. Full of diverse marine life and hundreds of Red Sea coral reef sites, this Sinai Peninsula city has rapidly grown, resulting in first-class resorts and classy nightlife. Be sure to check out Ras Mohamed National Park, for the waters are a mecca for schools of colorful fish and toilets, thanks to a cargo ship wreck in 1981 that unloaded all of its cargo into the waters.


5. Jerusalem

While religious journeys have been traveling to Jerusalem for centuries, this city’s profound cultural and historical significance is still as prevalent today as it was years ago. Plan on seeing the major sights, such as Ben-Yehuda Street, the Bible Lands Museum, Dome of the Rock and Temple Mount, Garden of Gethsemane, Garden Tomb, Montefiore’s Windmill, and Tower of David Museum, among others. But, save some time to explore the city’s beautiful streets and culture.


6. Abu Dhabi

Unlike modern Dubai, Abu Dhabi maintains a more Arabian ambiance to cultivate its rich history. A city of juxtaposition, this fascinating city paints a picture of tradition and progression. Historic architecture meets modern culture making this place a charming mystery.


7. Doha

The gem of Qatar, Doha is a diverse city that is home to most of the country’s population. From shopping at one of Qatar’s many malls, seeing the picturesque architecture, and viewing the turquoise blue waters, Doha offers visitors beauty and entertainment.



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