The Vacations that Every World Traveler Should Take

By TinaHamilton, 04 November, 2014

Earning the title of a ‘world traveler’ is not easy. Many people have different definitions of what a world traveler is, but most people would agree that most expats are in that category. However, many expats think less of the travel that they have engaged in, belittling it as a necessity for work or giving it some other title other than ‘world travel’. But of course, the reality is that expats get to experience more things that the average person will.

The point still remains that expats have the luxury of seeing more of the world than the average person, but they cannot necessarily be considered world travelers. A world traveler is someone who travels for business and pleasure, and who make tremendous efforts to see every corner of the world, not just a few select places. Therefore, anyone who wants to be considered a world traveler must see those famous places that tourists flow too each year around the world. Seeing all these destinations can create a well-rounded base for anyone who wants to finally be viewed as a world traveler. Here are some of the vacations that every world traveler should take.

An African safari

An African safari is a wonder that will make anyone believe in the beauty of the animals around us. World travelers can see some of the most exotic and fascinating animals up close in their natural habitat. African safaris can range from first-class trips to sought after locations or as rugged as sleeping under the stars secluded in the wilderness. Every world traveler should experience just how brave they can be when faced with some of the world’s most dangerous creatures.

A food tour in Italy

Italians are known for their passion for long lunches and family time spent around the table. Italians love to savor their food and work with only the best ingredients for a meal that satisfies every craving. World travelers who may not consider themselves ‘foodies’ before become foodies after they visit Italy. Every world traveler should stop in Italy to spend an afternoon tasting every favorite in the restaurants of Rome.

A wellness retreat in Thailand

As everyone around the world works to get healthier and find themselves in a more relaxed state, the new trend of wellness retreats is becoming more popular than ever. Thailand’s serene landscape and secluded beaches are the perfect place to resort balance in a hectic life. World travelers can spend a long weekend in Thailand relaxing on the beach, taking paddleboard yoga classes or even learning the art of Muay Thai.

A romantic getaway in France

The streets of Paris are lined with couples who want nothing more than to enjoy each other’s company in one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. Paris has everything for the perfect romantic getaway for any couple, from five-star dining to historic sight-seeing. World travelers should take their someone special to Paris for a special and memorable break from reality.

An active adventure in New Zeeland

There is no rest for a world traveler, and a trip to New Zeeland is sure to tire out world travelers with even the best endurance. Extreme sports from hiking to parasailing give any world traveler the adrenaline rush they have been looking for. New Zeeland is the best place to test physical limits and get a great view while doing it.

A relaxing holiday in Hawaii

When world travelers need a break from all their other excursions, there is no place quite like Hawaii to relax and unwind. World travelers can spend their days soaking up sun on the beach and enjoying performances from the talented and unique locals. These simple things make Hawaii the perfect place to clear the mind and start fresh on the next adventure.