Living Expenses Expats Can Easily Save Money On

By TinaHamilton, 25 November, 2014

Many people dream of traveling and living in a place that is so much different from where they are. Additionally, many people think that they cannot afford to move or travel, which keeps them from pursuing their dreams of becoming an expat. This is a very unfortunate but very common occurrence. Moving and traveling are very expensive, not to mention how scary it is to move to an unknown place in an unfamiliar country. For these reasons, most people avoid the expat lifestyle and instead only dream of the life they could have somewhere else.

Though traveling and living abroad might always be scary or intimidating for some people, the worry about money should not be a deterrent from living abroad. Anyone can afford to move abroad and start living their expat life if they put in the time for planning that is necessary. Living abroad does not have to be extremely expensive or unrealistic. Anyone can find ways to save money and afford the lifestyle they want. Here are some of the living expenses that expats can easily save money on.

A TV subscription

Many people like to maintain their TV subscription when they are traveling as a way to stay grounded and updated on the latest pop culture from their home country. Many people think this is a living expense that they will have to live without when they move, but this is not always the case. Some providers from can allow people to have a mobile subscription in order to take their TV shows and movies with them wherever they move too. This can save expats a lot of money and stress.

Foreign banking fees

Banking can be very confusing in a new country that uses a different form of currency. It is easy for people to get confused and frustrated. Expats can avoid this by figuring out their banking options before they leave. Some banks will allow people to maintain their accounts even while they are outside of the country. Expats should also be aware of all foreign transaction fees associated with their accounts.


Housing is often a difficult decision for people moving abroad. Since they do not know the area, it can be difficult to find a place that is not only safe and nice, but also affordable. Expats should consider living with a roommate from the area for their first few months in the country. This will allow them to not only save money, but also to have some help in getting to know the area and learning more about the culture.


Transportation is often a very big expense for many people. Most people who live in the same country their entire lives will have their own car that they commute with, which can be very expensive to maintain and use. Expats should look into all the transportation options available in their new country before buying a car. Using public transportation or even walking might be a much better option.