An Overview of the Shipping Scenario of Canada

By chrismeloni, 26 August, 2014

If you are doing business at a border state then you must find the process of import and export, quite easy. For example, if you are living in Canada, Wisconsin or Canadian towns you can conduct the business deals with several American amenities. You also might consider using the messenger companies to create deliveries in foreign countries along with Canada.

Shipping Cost

Increasing your customers is the best way to raise the overall profit margin. In the end, there would be several unnecessary items which might make you worried when they are to be taken overseas by shipping. The shipping from the United States to Canada involves particular costs and duty which would nevertheless affect your goods. While in the domestic operations, it is not a big issue. 

The U.S. and Canada get benefit from the most profitable and lasting business relationship with about 680 billion services and goods, crossing the borders of respective countries every year. Still, the consignments amidst these countries are done in international transactions and are focused to custom related authorization.

For the basic custom clearance in Canada, some general documents are required to be submitted. They are:

The cargo needs to be treated under NAFTA for the use in shipping between Canada, U.S and Mexico.

If you want to know about the online process of online custom clearance, check out the Guide to Importing which offers some good tips and tricks.

Free Shipping

When you shop online the shipping costs in Canada tends to get raised compared to the U.S. However, 12th of December is seen as the ‘Free Shipping Day’, where you get free deliveries of your products before the Christmas Eve. Also, December 10th is the day of ‘no minimum Monday’.

Benefits of Shipping to Canada

As Canada and the U.S have joined in the Nafta agreement, it has become quite simple to send goods to Canada. The rates are quite inexpensive. The free trade agreement can offer you salient benefits once you start transporting the cargo across the border.

You can enter in the Canadian province through various regions of the U.S. This would help you in transferring the goods by ground shipping across the borderline. It is a cost effective option, and makes you reach the destination in a short period of time. There are various shipping methods and speed which would make your task easy.

Language is no barrier here. English is accepted as a nationwide language and is spoken by citizens. This would save you from translating or changing your company websites or the marketing stuff in order to draw the customers, from the country to purchase your products.  Both the parties would understand each other, through the aspect of common language. This would make the process of developing the market and shipping effortless.

The online customs brokers like Clearit provide their customers with services like customs consulting, duty drawbacks and claims, custom rulings and importing permits, and it makes it really convenient for people to conduct business.

Canada is a fruitful and developing country. It is quite prosperous and bears a great resemblance to the development of the U.S. There would be several latent customers, who will show interest in your merchandise, and would be ready to pay the money to purchase the products that the entrepreneur is selling.

Products Transported via Shipping

If you are transporting restricted items in the shipping cargo, then you need to pay extra duty charges and tax on the products. The restricted items include products made from tobacco, radio devices and official gadgets. If the person has just purchased the items which are still unused then he must produce a Bill of Sale for the merchandise. However, harmful products like explosives, drugs, weapons, firearms and all types of ammunition are strictly prohibited from shipping.

For shipping your car in Canada you need to produce the label of “Statement of Compliance”.  However, if the car is for personal use, then you just need to pay the local taxes. The individual has to give the proof of ownership, and a certificate of vehicle registration.

You need to find a reputable shipping company who can deliver your vehicle safely to the destination. Look for a company, who has ample experience in transporting vehicles across Canada and can deliver fruitful results.