Top Tips for Taking Amazing Photos Abroad

By Digitalab, 14 October, 2014

When it comes to photography - subject is everything. Sure, you may have the artistic eye, the equipment and the commitment to your craft - but without the right subject, no composition is complete. As a long-term traveller or expat, the photographic opportunities are endless - with diverse locations, rich cultures and all manner of subject matter at your disposal. The world is your oyster - and with a little inspiration and some expert guidance, you can master travel photography for yourself.

Today we’re taking a look at what it takes to capture your travels on camera, with some help from the professionals. Whether you’re relocating or enjoying a stint abroad, as soon as you pick up a camera you’re a travel photographer - and we’ve got the secrets for success right here.

  1. Keep it natural


What separates travel photography from other photographic styles is its vibrancy and vitality. Capturing static scenes guarantees images that fall flat - and unnatural, forced compositions are sure to do your setting a serious injustice. Instead, keep things natural throughout the photographic process, focusing on the people, culture and character of your destination, and this sense of life will emanate from every shot you take.

2.               Tell a story


As a photographer, you’re also a narrator - relating your travel stories through a visual medium. Accessing your inner storyteller will serve you well, allowing you to draw the history and context out of your subjects and backdrops. While composing your photos, the most important thing to remember is to think about what the image says, rather than merely how it looks.

An ability to employ symbolism and narrative in your travel photos is a valuable skill - taking the product from a holiday snap to a piece of authentic travel photography. And the only way for your pictures to say a thousand words is by weaving those stories into your process.

3.               Seize the moment


A sense of pure wanderlust will serve you well in your photographic pursuits. The hunger for new perspectives, unexplored territories and breathtaking scenes is what makes a photographer - and by taking the necessary risks to find that perfect shot, you’ll be rewarded in the final outcome.

Abandon your tourist mindset and the photographic norms that go with it and instead take a chance on the extraordinary. The most beneficial skill a travel photographer can learn is an ability to seize their subjects with conviction and accept nothing less than the phenomenal.

If you’re an expat ready to master travel photography, we’ve got just the thing for you. The Amateur’s Guide to Professional Photography is a collaborative effort from professionals across the UK, and an essential handbook for any fledgling photographers looking to achieve pictorial perfection.

Tori Atkinson is a content creator for Digitalab, providing superior printing services to professional photographers throughout the UK.