Top Places to Visit in America

By kristyjones, 22 October, 2014

   The Statue of liberty being the United States’ national icon, has given the name of the land of liberty by most people. People from across the globe have moved to America for the freedom and liberty that it offers to its citizens. America has been a superpower for a very long time with financial and job stability to most people which has given a green signal to those who wish to settle with their families and apply for citizenship there. Apart from Job security and opportunities, America is very rich in culture and diversity. People from Asia, Europe and South America come and visit to see the diversity America has to offer its tourists. Each state in America is unique in its own way. Below are some of the states and their cities worth visiting on your trip:


Also called the “Mile-High City” because it is exactly a mile above the sea level in altitude. Denver is Colorado’s capital and also the largest city of the state. Many winter sport lovers visit Denver to enjoy skiing and ice hockey that is held every year. Denver is a must places to visit during winters. 


Houston is the fourth largest city of the United States which features an amazing cityscape of skyscrapers and ethnic neighborhoods. The oil industry is the main source of income generation in Houston, but apart from that, the city offers great shopping malls, Hotels and restaurants that the tourists just can’t miss on their trip to US.

San Antonio

San Antonio, also known as the Jewel of Texas, is a city rich in history and holds a very modern appeal. It is one of the largest city of the United States. It is an amazing place to visit in America, where you can have a memorable trip with your family. The Riverwalk is the most visited attraction of San Antonio. It is a beautiful place made for pedestrians for shopping, restaurants, coffee shops or even just a walk with your partner, the Riverwalk never fails to impress the tourists.


The southern city of Savannah, draws millions of tourists every year. The city holds beautiful architecture which is a place photographers must visit without fail. Savannah is located on the Atlantic coast of Georgia. It is the oldest city of Georgia which is rich in history.


Philadelphia is often regarded as the birthplace of America as the founding fathers signed the declaration of independence and the US constitution in 1776. The city also known as “Philly,” is a major US city of Pennsylvania. 

New York

New York is often called “city that never sleeps” because the day starts to most people at night. The city located on one of world’s largest natural harbors. New York city has some of the greatest skyscrapers. It is a place where you must visit with your family. The Chinatown, Times Square, and Manhattan are some of the places where you would really enjoy visiting with your family. If you wish to settle in US with your family then apply for Green Card today!