Why become an expat?

By vpham89, 05 March, 2015

You graduated from university as planned, and found a good job as plan. The catch is, your new job is located half way around the globe. Should you take it or not? Truth is, we all may have become expats for different reasons, by choice or by assignments. However, expat life, however challenging it may sound, can be exciting and offer many benefit. Below are some of the reasons why becoming an expat be an excellent move for you:

Better pay or better benefits

Not all of us plan to work in a different country growing up. Sometimes it just happens that a better opportunitity is available. Moving to another country can be quite troublesome, however, especially if you have a family in toll. This is why more often than not, your employer will be more generous with your pay and benefit to make up for the hassle. Often, it can be a promotion or a clear career path, or perhaps better pay, or better benefits. Many expats enjoy perks that they wouldn't get at home, such as free housing, car allowance, free education for their kids, or health insurance for the family. Statistical facts show that companies are now becoming more global. Therefore, they will need human power all over the world. This means the expat trends will continue to grow.

The chance to see the world

Often, this is the biggest inspiration for expats by choice. These are kids who grew up with a dream of seeing the world. Sometimes, spending vacations on the other side of the globe is way over the budget. Then it would be nice to be paid to go there. Or perhaps, you have been to that part of the world, but fall in love with it and want to experience the life of a local. 

Either way, becoming an expat will give you a great base to start exploring the new destination. Not only that you will be there, you will be living among natives. Not only that you will see the destination, you will also experience the culture, learn the language or tradition, and immerse yourself in the wholesome experience. This experience is invaluable.

Not only that, most expats I met doesn't just stop at exploring the country they are in. Instead, once you catch the travel bug, you will be glad to find that your new location makes it easy to explore the neighboring countries as well. For example, if I stay in the US, I would only be able to travel to Southeast Asia every few years. It takes long, expensive flights back and forth. Now that I'm in Vietnam, I can pull weekend trips to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and virtually any ASEAN country, and sometimes with less than 100 bucks for a roundtrip ticket.

So why do you plan to relocate and work in a different country? Is it for better pay and benefits? Or is it because of your wild dreams? Either way, becoming an expat can open the door to so many valuable opportunities. Living in a totally different culture will change your perspective about the world. You may even learn things about yourself that you never know of. Therefore, I hope you can see pass the hassle of moving and adjusting to the new life. Trust me, it will be worth it!