How to recruit a manager in China?

By INSconsulting, 29 July, 2015

The recruitment process of a manager in China can be implemented in many ways … still need to get it right! Even though many websites looking for jobs are increasingly present, it is better to hire a specialist for not wasting time (and also money) in your recruiting manager. Here are some tips to help you probably make your choice.

Steps of recruitment:


1. Knowing the cultural and legal framework


It is first necessary to identify the bicultural problem and its implications in the business. You should also inquire about the current operation of Chinese enterprises. To gain a foothold in China, there are three options: Representative Office, WFOE or JV). Remember also to take cognizance of the social legislation (see article on visas) and the various unions and their importance in business, the Chinese Communist Party, Local Government, etc …

2. Analyze the Chinese labor market


The Chinese market is in full swing, it is essential to analyze it. Just ask on social protection (legal system, options …). Understand geographic variables depending on location, and learn the differences between the qualifications, diplomas and Chinese skills. Be aware of the turnover of Chinese companies.

3. Define the conditions and methods of recruitment


Analyze the characteristics due to qualitative aspects of labor market qualitative and quantitative objectives. Set a specific procedure: internal stakeholders of the company, who does what? Contact public official agencies FESCO-Foreign Enterprise Service Company, CIIC-China International intellectech Company. Make a decision: direct recruitment or firm?

4. Adapting procedures and methods of recruitment to the Chinese market


Learn the definitions of function and position profiles. Adapt to Chinese methods for ads, direct search method, as well as interviews and tests carried out in the country.


Manage men and teams


1. Local or expatriate management


Factors to consider are: o The cultural difference o Qualifications and respective responsibilities o Training: French, Chinese, intercultural o Comparative Costs


2. The local management


Make sure you integrate your market. Learn about labor relations in business, politics and business strategies. The person assigned to the direction of the Chinese team acts as an interface between you and your teams.


3. Expatriate Management


You should always keep in touch with your office, Parent Company. You have the “know-how” as well as the financial power.


4. Retain employees


This requires you to empower your employees, and organize career development plans. It is also interesting to provide training, and develop intercultural management. Make a mutual evaluation and offer a coherent plan for compensation.


5. Determine the remuneration system


Analyze market and salary surveys, define the elements of salary, and have you put in place of “packages”.

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