Ready for Holiday in the US as UK National? Important things you need to know

By alexsmeth, 08 July, 2015

The US is one of the most amazing places to go on holiday. There are lots of options to go through when reviewing holiday ideas and there are lots of amazing sights to take in. This explains whypeople from all walk of life travel to the US on holiday from the UK each year. To avoid making the same mistakes as a good number of these people, here are important things you need to know.

Get your ESTA before booking a flight

The ESTA is a travel document expected of everyone travelling to the US with passports from countries such as the UK. This document can be quickly filled online and obtained in a few hours. It is your permission to enter the US and stay for no more than 90 days. Unfortunately, many UK nationals proceed to book a flight without getting this document. This leads to rescheduling of travel plans and in some cases, this means losing otherwise favourable travel deals. Talk to a qualified ESTA agent if you don’t know how to get this document yourself.

Avoid one-stop shopping

The tourism sector in the UK has seen an influx of new players in the past decade. This means that prices are favourable in many aspects of travel including tour bookings, air fare booking, hotel bookings etc. Shopping for all of these in one place is a great way to miss out on bargains. Use the search engine to youradvantage to find several providers offering the service you are looking for and compare rates. Activate any loyalty bonuses you may have and actively look for a way to cut a few pounds of your travel costs.

Flexibility with travel dates

Many travellers are inflexible about travel dates and this leads to the payment of exorbitant prices on air fare and hotel bookings. Flights to the US are costlier if your journey begins or ends on a weekend. A better idea is to make departure dates from the UK and from the US fall on a weekday. You can save 30% off flight costs this way. Again, it is important to avoid having a single hotel in mind. Flexibility in accommodation choices can free up hundreds of pounds that can be useful elsewhere.

Travelling with pounds denominated Credit Cards

Shopping in the US with UK issued credit cards is possible but in many cases, the charges incurred are pretty high. If you intend to use such cards, it is important to understand the charges and also be aware of any limits. The one benefit with using these cards is that it helps curtail shopping expenses when out in the tempting US shops. However, this shouldn’t come at a high price. To maintain your shopping discipline, you can open a new account just before travel and get a debit card for easy access to the card from the US.

With these tips, you are sure to enjoy a pleasant travel experience to the US.