A Guide to Helping your Children during your Move Abroad

By HopwoodHouse, 29 March, 2018



Moving abroad can be a very stressful time, worrying about a whole host of things, ultimately debating within your own head whether the move is the right decision for you and your family. However, one of the biggest worries that a parent will have is the effects that the move may have on their children, and whether it is going to hinder them in any way. There are indeed a number of reports online relating to how moving can affect children, however they are more associated to frequent moving.

A move abroad with your family is highly regarded as a positive step, providing your family with opportunities rather than problems. Moving abroad allows your family to experience new things, learn new languages, gain knowledge about different cultures and also simply grasp a greater understanding of how the world works. Despite this, parents still naturally worry about their children, so the team at Babaloo have created a guide that will help you to help your children along your new journey.

Preparing for the Move

Moving abroad takes a lot of time, effort and preparation to ensure that you have everything in place for a smooth transition from one place to another. You will be doing everything you can to prepare you and your family for the move, allowing you to come to terms with exactly what is happening, something that children often don’t get the luxury of. Whilst you have been preparing mentally to leave your old life behind, your children have not and moving can be a very difficult task for them when the day finally comes.

In order to help your children experience a smooth transition from one country to another, you could look at doing a number of things. Firstly, the key point to remember is that involving them in the move as much as possible will be very beneficial to them. The best ways to do this would be to keep them updated with anything relevant, encourage them to choose which items they wish to take with you, ask them to help you with the packing and help them to learn about the new country including the culture and the language.

Securing your Child’s Future

Your move abroad should not disadvantage your children in any way at all, and their education should be one of your main priorities. Before moving abroad, it is important for you to begin looking at different options for their schooling, taking a number of things into account whilst doing so:

Help your Children to Settle in

Your children may not be the biggest fans of moving abroad as they are leaving behind the life that they know and love, and that means that you have to help your children in any way possible. Firstly, you should bring items from your old home to your new home, making your children feel that they are indeed at home when they move, creating a sense of familiarity.

As well as this, you should lead by example in terms of getting used to the new environment and getting involved with how things around you work. Settling in becomes much easier for both you and your children if you do this, and although your children may be a little reluctant, if you lead by example they are sure to get involved.