Expat Tips: How to Increase Your Career Prospects in Australia with These Hot Diplomas

By JasmineCooper, 06 October, 2015


You won’t be an expat for long unless you find a job. Your job is the strongest component of helping you establish yourself, and you likely won’t be able to take your former job with you. You’re entering a new country with a new job market, and that job market has different needs, and you need to adapt yourself to the situation. This includes familiarizing with the Australian way of doing things, which will generally include minimal contract negotiation, and preparing your C.V. in the Australian style. The next thing you need to do is maximize your prospect by looking at educational opportunities that are relevant to the largest growing industries. You can be sure you’ll get your foot in the door if you come well prepared to an industry that’s looking to hire.



Healthcare and Social Assistance


In Australia’s projected job growth, most of those jobs are in this field. Out of the five growing fields, this alone contains over sixteen percent of expected new jobs. The easiest way to get your foot in the door is by obtaining a Diploma of Nursing, or an Advanced Diploma of Nursing. You can expand on either of these diplomas by obtaining a Graduate Diploma of Midwifery, allowing you to become a midwife.



Education and Training


If you’ve always thought you have what it takes to be a teacher, now is the time to put that theory to the test. Becoming an early childhood teacher or a childcare worker are excellent options. A Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, or a Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care will help you get there. If you already have a BA, this expands your horizons. You can then opt for a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) if you think you’d do better with older children.





Working in retail doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience if you’re placing yourself at the top of the ladder. Becoming an Area Manager or a Store Manager will bring in a better paycheck than that of a regular sales associate. An Advanced Diploma or Retail Management, or a simple Advanced Diploma of Management can help you score one of these positions.



Professional Services


The overwhelming majority of Australia’s enterprises, and their government, are making the switch to cloud computing. The technological landscape is shifting, and it’s creating more jobs that are specific to the new technology. Systems Engineers, Front End Web Developers, and Cloud Computing specialists are needed now more than ever. With a Diploma of Information Technology, Advanced Diploma of Information Technology, or Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology, you can work virtually anywhere in Australia.





Australia is a country that really loves to build. Major metropolitan areas are seeing absurd growth in their populations, and someone has to erect the buildings to house all of those people, and the offices for them to work in. As a Foreperson, Estimator, Project Manager, or Surveyor, you’ll be able to lend a special expertise to these jobs. A Diploma of Building and Construction for either building or management can help you obtain a job in the industry. If you’re looking at becoming a surveyor, there’s always a Diploma of Building Surveying.




What industry will you work in once you call Australia home? Which diploma do you see yourself as most likely to get? Take a free skills review to find out which Nationally Recognised Australian Qualification you may be eligible for.