Advantages of living near the sea

By copertone, 18 October, 2015

Each of us has its weaknesses; Therefore it is difficult to ensure that a place is the best for our health, obviously rule beyond life in big cities. But health parameters means, that site is by the sea. At least according to researchers at the European Centre for Environment and Health at the University of Exeter (UK), which ensure that live near the sea is very beneficial for health, especially for the ease of doing physical exercise and maintain a life more active.

The researchers analyzed the medical records of 48 million people in England from the 2001 census, comparing what living near the sea and answers about your health. Lower income people benefit more from living by the marEncontraron those who lived less than a kilometer away from the sea said they had a "good health", any more than those living in or near the cities the field.

Although the difference between groups was not huge, scientists, extrapolating the result in the 48 million impact on public health was very large. In the study, which publishes the journal Health and Place- shown that people residing in the maritime areas of England, and Skegness, St. Ives or Scarborough, recorded a "significant improvement" in their physical and mental health.

According to investigators, the basic factors that help them to have better health levels were lower stress and more opportunities for exercise. Finally, the study notes that lower income people tend to benefit more from live near the sea, while the higher income recorded fewer health benefits. They will move to the healthiest sea? Speaking to the BBC, Dr. Ben Wheeler, head of research, said that one of the most obvious reasons "is the opportunity to be more active or be more motivated to walk the beach." For me quiet places as L'Hospitalet de L'Infant have been really good for my health. 

The sea creates a sense of calm and flows linked to olasAunque also notes that most healthy people and usually do more exercise tend to move to areas near the sea. Also being near the sea "creates a sense of calm and relaxation flows linked to the sea and the waves," says Wheeler. Dr. Matthew White, who participated in the study from the University of Exeter, was presented last April an investigation which concluded that the shoreline is the best environment to create a feeling of "general welfare" in people.