What People do not Tell you About Expat Life

By Ibtisaam, 26 November, 2015

Many people think that if you travel a lot, moving abroad is no big deal. It’s like a long holiday, right? But moving abroad, whether to continue your education or for a new job, is a lot harder and more complicated than experiencing a city for a week – although, in the long run, it’s completely worth it. 

There’s something invigorating about making such a big, life-changing decision and moving your whole life to a place you might not know very much about – other than what and where the most interesting tourist attractions are that you visited that one time. With so many exciting changes, including finding the perfect property in Dubai (or wherever you are moving to), the process can be positive and fun. 


In this article we explore some the imperfections, challenges and amazing opportunities moving abroad will open you up to. 

You Need to Stop Clinging onto your Old Life

You’re new life is likely to be nothing like your old one, although there may be some similarities in the form of continuing an old hobby, for example. But other aspects of your life are more than likely to change. For example you might turn into more of a homebody now that you have moved and you might not go out as much. Of course there is nothing wrong with change, but it is your choice whether you embrace the differences and learn to love them and let them make you happy, or if you don’t like them to change them.


The Need to Climatise

If you’re coming from a really hot country and are moving to one that’s slightly on the cooler side, it might take you some time to get use to your new climate. It may be hard at first, especially if you prefer warmer weather, but you will get used to it and be able to treat yourself to a whole new wardrobe of clothes – bonus!


Conquering Time Zones

If you are moving to a country where the time zones are drastically different to that of your loved ones, it will make it seem like you’re even further away from them than you are. You won’t be able to pick up the phone at any time of the day and talk to them, because it might be midnight where they are, which could make you feel alone. In order to save your sanity and keep in touch with those nearest and dearest to you, you will need to work out a time – and possibly a regular weekly slot – when you can call and talk to them. By doing this you will have something to look forward to every week and be excited to catch up on all of the gossip and news.


You can Truly Explore your new City


While travelling you are able to see limited parts of a city during the time you are visiting, but when you relocate to a new place you don’t have to pick and choose the places you want to see the most, because at some point you will be able to explore them all in your own time. Furthermore, an iconic landmark – for example, Table Mountain – may become part of your daily commute to work or jog. You may find a bar that becomes you’re regular go to place after work on a Friday evening, or you might start to find seasonal festivals all over the country that you could go to throughout the year which could turn in to a much loved yearly tradition.