Top 5 Relationship Tips for Single Expats

By MaryLewis, 26 February, 2016


Back home, you probably know how to meet people. You’d go to the same haunts. You met some of them in school. Your mutual friends helped you connect with like-minded individuals. If you’ve moved away from your home country without a spouse to take with you, you’ll notice that the dating game has drastically changed. You don’t feel the natural finesse you felt in the environment you grew up in, and the dating customs are probably notably different. So what can you do to improve your chances while you’re gone? First, start by looking at things from a new perspective.



1. Find a Hobby


Whether you’re starting a new hobby or furthering your interest in a hobby you’ve had in the past, hobbies are a great way to help you get acclimated to an area and its people. Whether you’re into something adventurous like hiking, or something laid back like pottery, you’ll probably be able to find a class or a group that’s centered around whatever it is you enjoy doing. This is a great way to meet like-minded people, and shared interests are one of the simplest ways to make a connection with someone.



2. Look For Other Expats


Chances are, these people are having the same problem you are. Language learning classes, or even blogs written by other expats can lead you to people who understand your dilemma. Depending on how long you’ve both lived in that country, you may find that you both take a lot of the same attitudes when it comes to fitting in and becoming a part of the culture. Even if the expats aren’t potential dating candidates themselves, they may be able to give you tips about how to find the kind of people you’ve been looking for.



3. Expand Your Education


Think about all of the friends you’ve gathered over the years. You probably met a lot of them at school. Furthering your education can’t really go wrong. Even if you don’t wind up connecting with one of your classmates, you’ll still have a degree or certification to show for your hard work. If your newfound educational credentials allow you to land a career in a field that you’re passionate about, that will only lead you to others who maintain the same passion.



4. Set Up Some Online Profiles


Everyone does it in modern times, and there’s really no shame in doing so. While a lot of people tend to turn their noses up at online dating sites, the reality of the matter is that they still exist because a significant amount of people use them. There are tons of online dating websites, and many of them offer a free or trial version so you can see if that’s a route you’re comfortable using. You’ll be able to browse singles in your area that want the same things you do, and if you both met on a dating site, neither of you will have anything to be embarrassed about.



5. Prioritize Friendships


Moving to a foreign country is likely to impact you in a lot of ways, whether or not you realize it. Your priorities have probably shifted, and your view of the world is bound to expand as you become familiar with a new way of life. What you used to look for and what you look for now are probably different things, so focusing on friendships is probably wise. You could be looking in all the wrong places, and developing meaningful non-romantic relationships should be at the top of your priority list. Through time and nature, you may even find that those relationships blossom to become something more.




While you may feel lonely, don’t forget that finding someone probably wasn’t the original purpose for your relocation. Focus on your job, socialize with your coworkers, and plan your future in a new country. If the time isn’t right, don’t take it personally. You also deserve to spend some time working on your life.






Mary Lewis is a globetrotter, travelling enthusiast and a bloger who often shares her tips and stories at HomeAway – a place where you can easily plan your deam journey.