Volunteering as an Expat

By JorgeGHS, 22 April, 2016

One of the main things that you want to do when you move to another country is to get to know the language, culture and traditions. You also want to meet new people to expand your social circle. One of the great ways to do this is through volunteer work. Luckily, in South Africa there are excellent opportunities to volunteer. In the cities, you can do social volunteering and work in hospitals, child care centres, schools and orphanages. Outside of the cities, there are animal conservation programs which let you have unique experiences with animals and wildlife.

Good Hope Volunteers runs over 30 different programs in South Africa. These provide great short term opportunities to do volunteer work. There is no experience required, only an interest in helping others and a positive attitude. They work with local NGOs and organisations that rely on volunteers to carry out the work of the organisation. In South Africa government funds are limited and therefore organisations rely on private funding.

As a volunteer, you will meet local volunteers as well as international ones. You will get to interact with South Africas and learn about their culture and languages. You may be working with children, tutoring them or arranging games. You may also work with the elderly or use surfing or skating to help youths at risk.

The animal projects are propbably the most popular. Here you will be based in a nature reserve where they work to conserve animals and look after injured wildlife. There are projects like the Cheetah Conservation or Big 5 Rehabilitation that focus on conservation. Or you may select a project which incorporates tourism such as the Monkey Sanctuary or the Shark Project. There are so many options.

No matter what you select, you will have an amazing experience and get to know your new home. Check out the projects at Good Hope Volunteers.