Improving your business English when living abroad

By JorgeGHS, 16 May, 2016

Being an expat may mean learning a new language or improving the language skills that you have. If you move to an English speaking country and you are not an English speaker it may be useful to brush up on your English skills. Each English speaking country has its unique vocabulary and expressions that can sometimes take time to learn. For example, did you know that in South Africa they refer to stop lights as Robots? Or a BBQ as a Braai. These are words and expressions that take time to learn.

Many of my expat friends are non English speakers so they need to get used to working and living in an English environment but also learn new expressions or accents different to the ones they were used to when they were learning. Many local English speaking schools may offer courses for business English or for accent reduction.

Good Hope Studies in Cape Town for example offers business English courses. The course is ideal for people who need to use English at work or in a business context. It is recommend it for people who work in an English environment and for those who are seeking an international career. So it is a great option for expats or those who will be expats soon in an English environment. The course can be short - from 1 to 8 weeks and usually taught in the mornings.