What Public Administration Officials Should Consider before Moving Abroad

By jwatkins, 23 March, 2017

The United States of America is currently in a very volatile state, particularly when it comes to public policy. The over-politicization of government functions means that no one working in the public sector is guaranteed consistency. If you’re currently working public administration in The United States, you may be considering moving abroad in hopes that your work can achieve more, or at least have fewer barriers. Below are some things to consider before making such a move.


Red Tape is International

Though it’s understandable to know more about your own country’s politics than the rest of the world’s, it’s worth looking into the holes in your knowledge before a move. Britain’s government is experiencing very similar changes as the United States. Most of Europe is in some form of political fluctuation. And if you’re looking at non-Western countries, it’s likely you’ll have to learn a new political system altogether.

This is just to say every country has its own political turmoil. You’ll want to consider your job specialities and what your potential options are in a new country. Then analyze whether you’ll be any better off than you are right now. Don’t jump one sinking ship for another. However, this analysis may help you choose the right country for your new life abroad!


Moving Won’t Mean You Can Ignore Current Events

As an expat, it’s possible that your new bosses will want to utilize your knowledge of policy in your country of origin. This means you may need to stay up-to-date on the politics you’re trying to escape. It also means you should make sure you have a cell phone plan with wifi calling to avoid international phone charges.


If your job involves foreign travel, you’ll also want to research flight policies in the countries you’re visiting. With today’s volatile political climate and fears of terrorism, many flights are being delayed. You’ll want to know what flight delays may entitle you to compensation, as well as best tricks for moving quickly through different airports.


Public Administration isn’t Always Fluid

As anyone who has completed an MPA degree program knows, public administration changes both with time and location. Working with policy means working within an ever-changing sphere. The bureaucracy you’ll be thrown into will be different than the bureaucracy you’re used to. Be sure to get a good look at how your new job might work before flying across the world.


At the end of the day, a job is a job, and politics are politics. If you’re not happy where you are, you should definitely make changes, but make sure you’re moving to a better situation, not just a different one.