Expat Moving Tips

By jwatkins, 16 May, 2017

Moving overseas is quite a process, but with strategy and determination, it doesn’t have to be too stressful. Below are some tips for simplifying the process of moving to another country.

Get Paperwork Done Early

Everything will have deadlines, from home closure and purchasing contracts, to visa applications, to booking shipping and transportation that will fit within your desired schedule. It’s best to set yourself some artificial deadlines to make sure you’re ahead of the ball. If you wait until the last minute on one thing, chances are you’ll end up late on other parts of the process.


Be as Physically Present as Possible

The more you can visit your future home and talk with people in person, the better. Especially when you’re looking for new homes, being physically present helps your internet searches be more helpful. On pre-move visits, staying in vacation rentals is better than hotels, since it gives you the chance to talk with homeowners about life and expenses in your new country. It’s also usually cheaper!


Make Medical Emergency Plans

Healthcare is something that many people put on the backburner before it’s too late. Learn about how healthcare works in your new country, what coverage you may need, and what emergency protocols are. Before the moving process even begins, you’ll want to follow this medical checklist for traveling abroad, so that a medical emergency doesn’t slow down the process of expatriating.


If you plan to bring any prescription medications abroad, you must get approval by your doctor and the consulate. You’ll also want to research the availability of your prescriptions in your new country and whether dosages are the same. For over-the-counter medication, you’ll want to check what is legal in your new home, as not all countries have the same regulations for medications.


Maximize Your Resources

Moving abroad can be expensive. You’ll want to maximize your resources as much as you can. If you’re selling your home, be sure to look into low cost home repairs that can increase your property value. This can be as simple as changing out your doors or making upgrades to your fixtures. Also consider whether some of your possessions might be worth more selling abroad than at home. Be sure to balance that with the cost of shipping, of course. Make sure you know the proper methods for moving antiques, so that whether you’re keeping or selling your valuables, they don’t get damaged in the chaos.


Taking the time to do your research and plan for some of the less obvious parts of your move abroad can save you a lot of stress and money. Do you have moving tips for expats? Share in the comments!