Beach Swap! I Moved To Queensland - The First Two-Month Impressions

By Joanne Miller, 22 December, 2016

It has not been long since I moved from Bali to this wonderful place. Hervey Bay city is found in the state of Queensland, Australia just 290 km north of Brisbane. From the moment I stepped foot in this lovely place, I have never wished to leave. This natural bay lay between the mainland and the nearby island. Since the local economy relies on tourism, the bay has plenty to do when you visit.


I have always imagined what it will feel like to watch whales; I found it to be breathtaking from Platypus Bay north of Hervey Bay. One morning, I booked a tour and the experience was beyond description. I feel like a real tourist whenever I pass by the giant sculpture of a whale at the Hervey Bay. Everyone you meet has a happy face making it the place you wish you could work in and retire. The population of this town is about 52,288 and an average age of 45. It is served by the Tilt Train connecting the town from Maryborough West at high speeds. Whenever I want to go home, I find it easy with the nearby Hervey Bay Airport linking you directly to Brisbane and Sydney.


Whenever I have the time, you will find me at the beach having fun or just laying on the sand. I really love the climate that averages 30 degrees centigrade in Summer and a fair average temperature of 22 degrees in Winter. Forget about freezing during Winter since the southeast trade winds keep the temperatures favourable in all seasons.


In the evenings or some weekends, I find myself spending time with new friends at the Stockland Hervey Bay, the large shopping centre right in the Urraween suburbs. There are many activities and as long as you are prepared to spend some cash, your weekend will be filled with fun and food. I have visited the ReefWorld Aquarium, a place to introduce you to the aquatic life of Australia. It is a great place to take your family and especially if you have kids. You can feed the turtles and sharks, and if you are as enthusiastic as me, you can lend a hand. I got myself an evening job at the aquarium doing odd stuff while enjoying the company of great and lovely animals I had only seen in books and videos.

If you need to unwind after a tough year working like I did, you are in the right town, at Ocean Therapies, you will experience an oriental massage that will leave you feeling renewed and roaring to go. They offer various packages for different emphasis and benefits. And you have not heard about my experience at the go-kart tracks! I experienced the high octane fun just like the formula one. It is a great place for families to play, compete and is organized into levels, so that even the scared me felt comfortable as a beginner.


I encourage you to spend a few minutes at the Fraser Coast sphere to discover what the coast has to offer. This prepares you for trips and tours to Fraser Island or any other tour you have ahead of you. It has life-size sculptures, video documentaries, and in-depth information about the coastlines and creatures in the sea. The scenery is beautiful enough from the ground, now imagine viewing it from the sky while skydiving. Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins as you drop from the heavens, there is more than adequate drop zone on the sandy beach below. The place does not run out activities no matter how many months or years you spend here.

A visit to Hervey Bay is never complete without a visit to Fraser Island. This is a World Heritage site, and there was a reason it was given that title. It is the largest sand island the world has ever seen offering very attractive features, colour and sights you will tire of taking pictures. There are major townships in it, so you will not miss any of the things and dining places on the mainland. The array of stuff you will see on this island are endless, nature took care of almost everything for tourists like me. Every month I will have to visit this place since I will never have my full.