Tips for expats - Finding a long-term rental in Dubrovnik, Croatia

By, 03 October, 2016

As an expat in Dubrovnik, Croatia, you want to find the best accommodation for you. It becomes even more important when someone wants to stay here for a long time regardless of the business that brought them to this great country. The problem, however, is that most expats often find it difficult to rent an ideal residence that is up to their taste. Statistics from reliable sources show that most of them (expats) end up living in places that they don’t want to. You, however, shouldn’t worry too much because no matter how hard it is to find it, there is always a suitable apartment. Here are some factors to consider.


Property agents or direct leasing

There is an option to lease a house from the owner or through property agents depending on what is best for you. However, considering that you are new in Dubrovnik, direct leasing may not be the best option since you have no idea of where to find those property owners. It is good to rent houses through property agents. One of the biggest advantages is that they can speed up the process because they have the latest information about the available homes. They also can advise the renter based on their unique needs.


Comparing several offers

Even when you are in a hurry to find accommodation, you have to spend some time and compare several offers. The worst mistake that an expat can make is to just pick the first option that they come across without even knowing what they are getting into. You might be excited to be in Croatia and want to do things fast. However, unless you ask important questions about every available house and the rental requirements, you will end up with more problems. You will be baffled to find out that what you thought is the best is not even close to that.


Apartments are always the best

When there seems to be nothing that people can rent for a long time, apartments always save the day. There are many modern and classic apartments in Dubrovnik to suit your taste. What makes it even better is that finding an apartment is not as difficult as finding other types of houses. Leasing apartments is quite simple too; you only need to provide some personal information and sign an agreement and that is all. If you are wondering about locations, these houses are located almost everywhere and so, the choice depends on where the expat prefers to live and their financial situation.


In a nutshell, renting an apartment is the best option for expats who want to stay in Croatia for a long time. Talk to a property agent and furnish them with all the details about your ideal apartments. They will go through the available listings and find a place that you will call home for a long time.

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