5 Steps to Get Your First Job Out of College

By maya.weber, 28 November, 2017

After years of studies, labs, lectures and exams you are finally free to pursue your dreams. You've got your diploma in hand and are ready to take the world by storm. It's not looking so easy though, is it? 

You've realized you are now, effectively, competing with the entire graduating class of your department for very specialized fields which aren't about to handed to easily. You're going to need every advantage you can get it!

Here are the 5 Steps to Get Your First Job Out of College that every graduate wished they knew.

Step 1: Be Proactive

Get ready earlier than spring if able, the majority of students aren't going to be doing this and it's the quickest way to get ahead of your peers.

Create a LinkedIn profile and start keeping a blog relevant to your future professional career. You want future employers to google your name and immediately find results showing your enthusiasm and interest in the field.

Of course, you may not know of a specific career path to dedicate yourself to yet. That's fine, it's better to be a little broad here than do nothing at all.

Step 2: Update CV or Resume

In a world of social media and online job searches a well-crafted resume or CV still can't be beat. Most companies follow the tradition route, even if they have you fill out several pages of an online application.

If you are applying in the United States you will be expected to submit a resume. However, many places in Europe expect a complete CV(Curriculum Vitæ) and other countries even use both! 

The good news is there are plenty of incredible resources online to show you how to have the perfect resume and "To whom it may concern" cover letter after graduation.

Step 3: Networking

Despite the power of an online presence, face-to-face networking will give you an incredible advantage over your peers.

Look into and join some of the professional groups offered at your school. These could be professional fraternities or even accounting clubs. Groups like these are an excellent source of hidden mentors who can help guide your career.

Stay on the lookout for industry related conventions where you can have a great time and get closer to that first job!

Step 4: Keep Up with Skills

One of the largest pitfalls a recent graduate can make is to think their education is over. A diploma can't stop you from learning however, and to get ahead you'll have to stay on top of all of your skills.

Set aside some time each day to keep up with blogs in your field or find a relevant industry podcast or online show. Everything and anything that will make you a more valuable job candidate is never time wasted.

Step 5: Stay Positive

A positive optimism will not only help maintain your forward momentum, but it will also land you the job!

It's easy to become distressed out of college with everything from financial burdens to the overwhelming sense of responsibility that's now at your feet.

Keep a healthy attitude by maintaining positive relationships with friends and professors from college. Although the extra networking never hurts, an employer is far more likely to hire a candidate that is a pleasure to work and ready to solve problems.

Are we done yet?

All of the fun doesn't stop there, of course. Gone are the days of being a company man for decades and retiring with a large pension.

Don't be surprised to find yourself sticking to these steps throughout your career and retracing the steps towards your second, third or even fourth job down the line.

All of the steps form an incredible foundation to make you the most career savvy candidate on the market!