Airbnb Has Changed the Face of Traveler Accomodations

By annakec, 22 September, 2016

The Airbnb concept began in 2008 as a peer-to-peer marketplace for accommodations in cities where finding hotel rooms during popular conventions and conferences was often difficult. It quickly expanded to vacation areas that saw large increases in bookings at certain times of the year.

Airbnb offers certain advantages over traditional hotel rooms, and the public soon learned not only about the improved accommodations, but also about the better pricing. As a result, the company has enjoyed some of the most notable success of any online marketplace recently introduced.

The Impact of Airbnb on the Hotel Industry

The hotel industry once had to constantly anticipate increases in the need for accommodations, build new structures and provide a sizeable amount of budget for advertising. Airbnb turned the industry’s efforts on its head, going directly to customers via the Internet and offering a more affordable option with a number of advantages. Hotels often took the financial hit not only from fewer bookings, but also from restaurants and other amenities that were on-site.

The Airbnb model has a number of advantages over conventional hotels. It can adjust quickly to increasing needs, without an outlay of construction costs. It can provide flexibility, utilizing apartments, rooms or even yurts to accommodate guests. Airbnb also offers greater personal interaction with guests, which many guests consider an added benefit to their travel.

Ease of Use Helps Airbnb Popularity

The Airbnb framework ensures that using the site is easy and convenient for travelers. Many pictures and reviews are provided, so prospective guests can have a good idea of what they can expect. A number of online payment methods are accepted for guests’ convenience. Funds are held by Airbnb for 24 hours before being cleared to the host of the property. Service fees and cleaning fees are added to the price. The process is simple, straightforward and easy to understand. 

Airbnb Allows Visitors To Live Like A Local

About 74 percent of Airbnb properties lie outside the normal district where hotels would be found in locations, which allows guests to feel like a member of the community, enjoying local amenities and interacting with individuals in their daily life. In fact, 79 percent of Airbnb properties are chosen because of their specific location. These locations allow Airbnb guests to experience their destinations more fully. 

Cleanliness of Airbnb

Because Airbnb establishments are owned by individuals who want to protect the value and marketability of their properties, they take special care to keep them clean, hygienic and inviting for customers. A recent survey of Australians who use Airbnb recommended the owners use professional cleaning services to provide a more “hotel-like” experience for their guests. They realize that cleanliness is prime concern among those who reserve accommodations.

A professional service for cleaning not only ensures a consistent standard for guests. It also helps the owner enjoy better reviews and more bookings.

These benefits are likely to encourage Airbnb property owners to utilize these services. As word-of-mouth begins to spread about Airbnb’s ease of use and improved customer experience, more people are expected to take advantage of this new method of providing accommodations. After almost a decade, Airbnb has proved itself one of the best ideas offered in the online marketplace, and it is positioned for continued growth in the future.