What happens if you’re injured and aren’t covered abroad?

By fabiofernandiz, 21 October, 2016

When it comes to travelling, it is always important to ensure that you are covered under some form of health insurance so in the even to injury or illness, you will not have to pay for the costs of being treated there. However, many people tend to travel without any form of insurance and while in some cases they will end up not being injured, it is advised that anyone travelling no matter what type of holiday they are looking to go on, should be covered by a travel insurance that will cover any medical expenses. It is also important that you are insured if you’re an expat living in a foreign country so you can take advantage of any local medical insurance, and in some cases various visas may take care of this for you.


If you are travelling to Europe and you have ensured that you have an e111 card renewal in place before you go, then you may have some access to local medical assistance if needed. The EHIC will ensure that you can be treated at the cost of anyone living in the country – whether that is free or at a reduce cost. However, there are many things that the EHIC can’t cover such as private medical expenses and won’t cover aspects such as being flown home for medical treatment or other reasons. This type of medical treatment can work out to be very expensive if you are not covered when you travel abroad, as travel insurance can cover all of this and more.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover Health-Wise?

Travel insurance is extremely important for anyone travelling abroad, as it can cover numerous injuries and problems, and covers every country in the world, unlike EHIC which only covers the countries in Europe that are member states of the EU. Even if you’re in a state hospital where you are paying the same as those who live in the country, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the treatment is going to be free and the chances are you still going to have to pay a substantial amount. Travel insurance should cover this and any treatment that you may need. In some cases during an injury, a state hospital in the country that you are in may not be available to treat you and therefore you may have to head to a private hospital in order to get the treatment that you need. Private hospital treatment is extremely expensive in most cases and an EHIC won’t cover this costs meaning you could end up paying more than what you paid for your holiday just in medical bills.

What Else Does Travel Insurance Cover?


An EHIC is a purely medical policy, and while travel insurance will help to ensure that you are covered during an injury so you don’t have to pay excess fees, travel insurance also covers many other things. Some of the main factors that travel insurance covers is cancellation of flights or delays, repatriation, baggage loss and theft of anything that you own and when you’re on holiday this can really give you a stress-free experience, knowing that if anything bad was to happen that you’d be covered for it. In some cases though, travel insurance won’t pay out on injuries sustained from extreme sports such as jet skiing and bungee jumping etc. so it is vital that you check to make sure that you are covered for everything that you want to do while you’re on holiday.